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Paper shredding equipment

The perfect balance of safety and ecology using modern equipment

Paper shredding in Southern CaliforniaBoxes: Boxes come in many shapes and sizes but we usually price boxes based on a Banker box or transfile box.

  • Banker Box: 10" h x 15" d x 12" w
  • Transfile Box: 10" h x 15" d x 24" w

Bins: Our standard bin size is 64 Gallons, which is great for mail rooms, warehouses, or other areas where space is not a constraint. Each bin comes with a lock which Shred San Diego and you the customer have a key to.

  • 64 Gallon: 32" x 29.75" x 42" Capacity is approx 200 lbs

Consoles: Our standard console sizes are 36" which work great for office environments. This is a piece of furniture which has a dead bolt lock and a side slot where you can put your material for shredding. Most customers prefer these consoles because the console has usable space on top. We have seen customers place fax machines, printers, and other items on top of the console.

  • 36" Console: 36.75 H x 21" D x 20" w Capacity is approx. 85 lbs

Shredding Technology

paper shredding technologyOlder generations of mobile document destruction vehicles employ pierce and tear technology. This type of technology, on occasion, may produce unusually large particle sizes. In fact, whole checks have been known to pass through the shredder untouched.

Our vehicles tear the document at the fiber level into much smaller pieces. In fact, our trucks can easily change the screen size within the shredding system. That means we can adjust the resultant particle size of the shredded material. A two inch screen yields a particle size of about a quarter--small enough to be secure and yet large enough to enable recycling.

By contrast, the FBI requires a three quarter inch screen size which yields a particle size of almost powder. This powder is too small to recycle, but is extremely secure.

Many shredding trucks can handle 800 pounds of documents an hour. Our trucks can handle 4,000 pounds per hour. That saves you time and thus money.

We can also easily shred computer printouts, phone books, manuals and other items that some shredders cannot handle.

NAID Certified mobile document shredding Awards and Memberships

Compliance FAQ Quote Paper Shredding in San Diego