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Document Scanning & Imaging Services

Document Scanning & Document Imaging Solutions for a paperless office that reduce costs, save time and money that can help your business realize results faster than you ever imagined. Document Scanning and Document imaging Services can get you there faster.

We offer affordable high speed on-site and off-site document scanning, document imaging, scanning services in California. We are here to help you with your document scanning, archiving and storage solutions indexing to your filing system, making document management more affordable for your business allowing you to have digital documents within your company without purchasing any high dollar scanning equipment or special document scanning or document imaging software.

Document scanning refers to the actual transformation of paper documents into digital images. Hard copy paper documents are fed through scanning devices that incorporate specialized document scanning software and hardware to create a digital PDF or TIFF images that looks exactly like the documents.

Scanning your documents to digital images is a fast and simple way of searching for your documents when you need them. After the document scanning conversion process we capture your files and images to your individual filing system, improving the document management and workflow within your company, whereby having your files stored on CD or DVD for transferring and storing in an easily accessible format which you can also store in a secure location off-site from your main office or transferring the digital data onto a webserver back-up system of your choice.

Since you can store approx. 12,000-15,000 pages of the contents of a four-drawer file cabinet onto one CD-ROM, there is no need for boxes piling up in your office or off-site storage facility. Never again will projects be delayed because of missing or unavailable documents.

We want our clients to feel comfortable with their decision in choosing us to scan their documents to digital images and assure them that all of the documents are kept confidential.

At PRS we carve the most conducive path in order to reach the most beneficial outcome. If you have any questions about document scanning or document imaging, please give us a call, PRS Document Scanning is here to help.

Did you Know?

Disaster Recovery - The majority of companies do not have adequate plans for recovery of their critical information and documents. Over 90% of all companies records and vital documents are on paper and susceptible to all forms of loss or destruction (e.g. fire, flood, theft, etc) Approximately 60% of companies that cannot recover critical documents and data within 90 days of disaster end up going out of business.

Office Expense - On average business people spend approximately 10% of their time reading information and 50% of their time looking for it. Companies also make 19 copies of each document, spend $20 in labor filing each document, spend $120 in labor searching for misfiled documents during the required archiving of each document and lose one out of every 20 documents.

Outsourcing - Outsourcing complete or partial document scanning, document imaging to a qualified vendor with high production level equipment and software and well trained personnel, provides an economic and rapid solution that will allow you to focus on your current business while gaining the advantages of digitized documents.

Are your files taking over your office or an empty room now becomes a storage room?

Now is the perfect time to get those unwanted documents that need to be saved for years scanned onto a searchable PDF stored on CD, external hard drive or upload to an on-line web server

A great backup system, in case of fire, flood on any other disaster, it's a fast, easy and money saving way to search for the documents you need.

PRS document scanning does not sell any special document scanning or imaging software or scanning equipment, we focus 100% on scanning documents, so you can run your business.

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*Some of our clients include

  • Law Firms (Litigations, Criminal Defense, Wills, Trusts & Deeds)
  • County Governments (Volusia, Lake)
  • Production & Broadcasting
  • Professional Sport Teams (Medical records)
  • Veterinarians
  • Country Clubs
  • Marketing Companies
  • Real Estate Services
  • Non Profit Organization
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • HOA (Home Owners Association)

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